Wednesday, February 24, 2010

in the still of the night ...


In thirty years of life, i think I've only really looked at the stars maybe ten times.  I suppose some of it could be blamed on environment.  Growing up in the Houston, the opportunity just wasn't there.  The pollution, the bright lights, one would be lucky to see sirius, much less a full constellation. Then again, I doubt i would survive in the countryside.

...but i digress.

I sat out on my balcony this morning, shivering out in the cold, the icy wind stinging as it bites my cheeks just staring out at the cityscape. True, it saddened me that i couldn't see the stars but I must say, the night still gives me a sense of peace.  I suppose this is why i like this time of night, while the rest of the world sleeps, in the silence i can finally hear myself think.  Now whether that is necessarily a good thing has yet to be determined ...

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